Section 5.2 Working Time Agreement

A shift worker is entitled to 5.6 weeks of annual leave per year, while the shift worker is still subject to the 28-day limit. In practice, this is often calculated based on the posted value of the annual leave. This is done on the basis that the layers are all the same length, as stated in the “Definitions” section. For workers with positions of different lengths, do not use this category, but check that they fall under the “hours per week” category described in the definitions. (d) Nothing in the following A) – c) will help reduce the current agreements on the part of a full-time position to which a part-time teacher is appointed. Temporary agreements on all or part of a part-time teacher`s working time will be continued based on their current basis, including an agreement on changing those hours. 5.6.3 As shown in point 5.3.1(b) above, the 10 half-days in a week can cover the teaching time scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday. 5.6.1 Except in the event of an interruption of a public holiday or other leave authorized by Part 7 of the Education Act 1989 or by a provision of that agreement authorizing the absence of teachers, the duration of the school week is set for each school according to the requirement that students normally be present during the days of Monday to Friday included for 10 half-days. 5.9.2 Employers should strive to achieve a middle-class size (based on the teacher`s hourly classes and the role of each of these classes) of no more than 26 students, and if not, 5.1A.1 (d) applies. (a) The employer will endeavour to provide contactless time for part-time teachers working between 0.48 FTTE and 0.89 FTTE, in order to allow these teachers to have contactless time commensurn with that reserved for full-time teachers (five hours per week in accordance with point 5.2.3). Contactless time at the same time described in Table b) remains considered a minimum right.

This part of the agreement involves the requirement that schools develop a time policy in consultation with staff and that this policy must take into account class size and your right to contact time. This section also includes the reminder days as well as the length of the school day, school week and year. Gen works as a summer intern on a 10-week contract. It begins on Monday, June 3, 2019 and ends 10 weeks later on Friday, August 9. For the duration of his contract, Gen works 5 days a week, and his contract provides that his year off is the calendar year 2019, i.e. from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. 5.2.2 For the purposes of 5.2, contactless time is determined by each teacher`s hours, which include a total of 25 hours or a combination of 25 hours per week. If workers work a fixed number of hours per week, but not the same number of hours per day, the legislation does not specify how to integrate the legal 28-day limit. We believe that the cap should be included as 28 days of the average working day.